Mosquitoes are harmful insects that carry many dangerous pathogens. You feel uncomfortable and helpless when you see them buzzing around without being able to catch them with your hands or use a racket. Especially the smaller the mosquitoes, the harder it is to catch. Let GREEN NIGHT kill mosquitoes to help you thoroughly with herbs.

NON GREEN herbal mosquito repellent buds are researched and produced from medicinal herbs such as: tonic fruit, lemongrass, perilla, locust, basil, wormwood, orange peel, .. Absolutely no chemicals. Do not use any other additives or chemicals.

Green herb mosquito repellent bud has the following effects: Repel mosquitoes, insects, kill mold, limit bacteria, viruses, harmful pathogens, prevent colds and flu effectively. Composed of 100% natural herbs, environmentally friendly, safe for health for users.

Young Green Buds are safe herbal ingredients, extremely light, not as dark as common mosquito repellant because the usual mosquito scent has chemical components. Especially in February and March, the humid weather is a condition for bacteria and mold to multiply and leave mold stains on the walls, spreading into the air, clinging to clothes, books, blankets… makes us susceptible to diseases, allergies, respiratory infections.

How to use: Room with mosquitoes, musty smell, It’s humid, rainy, the weather changes suddenly, you can smoke 2 buds-3 buds a day. Stable weather, 2-3 days to steam 1-2 buds (depending on demand)

Note: When steaming (burning buds) open the door of the room/house for ventilation, let the mosquitoes, moldy insects fly out, after burning, close the door to enjoy the faint scent of herbs.

Antibacterial GREEN mosquito repellent buds burn a pleasant aroma and are very convenient for families in the epidemic season and the wet season. The product is suitable for both children and the elderly.

NON GREEN mosquito repellent buds are researched and produced by a team of experts who have worked at leading research units in Vietnam.

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